Enjoy Social Networking on Facebook Like a Pro

All the Cool Tips and Tricks to Connect to the World

  • For All the Facebook Freaks!

This article is specially assembled for Facebook’s diehard lovers (that definitely count all of us). Here you’ll get to know all the cool tips and tricks to get socialize on this networking website without doing any blunders, but with great communication tricks. With its immense popularity among the masses and coverage on all sort of devices, there is no liberty of making any mistakes. Plus, there are many hidden tricks with which you can find out about your family’s and friend’s profiles in detail.

  • Rise Above the Norm, Just Use these Simple Tricks and You’ll Rule Social Networking

Well, who doesn’t like to spend his/ her time on Facebook!! This is the most widely used social networking website that is accessed by almost everyone, all over the globe. Facebook has fully occupied our minds, and none of us can live without using it, not even a single day. But there are some simple tips and tricks that can make your time worth enjoyable and fun entertaining there, let’s dig a little deep, what we got here for you!

    • Customize your Online Chat Status

There are many people whom you can see active all the time. The green light aside their name on chatting tab is on. But, if you do not want some people to see that you are online but keep using Facebook, then go to chat section and click the settings button. In “Advanced Settings”, select “Turn on Chat with only some friends”. Then enter your friends’ names from whom you want to hide your presence and click “save”.

    • Edit Your Published Comments on Different Posts

That has been happened to all of us, for sure!. After posting the comment, you want to edit what you’ve said or there may be some typos. Don’t worry at all. You’ll see a little pencil on upper right corner of your published comment. Click it, you’ll see “edit or delete” options. By clicking any, you can delete or alter your comment.

    • What in Your Mind” Nothing! (Post a Blank Status)

Its impossible to always have something to post on Facebook. At times the status bar of Facebook saying “What’s in your mind” seems so ridicules. But if you really want to publish the post there, but make it blank, then this cool trick has got you covered. Type “@[0:0 ]” and then click on the “post” button. A blank status will be updated right away. You can prolong this blank status by pasting this code several times in the status section.

    • Find Out Everything about a Facebook account

You may be shocked, but relax. It’s all about the ethical hacking of accounts. With the boom of Facebook industry, facebook hack has become one of the most popular and fun things to do. People use facebook hack all the time to check in what’s there in their family or friends’ Facebook profile.